I'm Every Person You Need To Be.

part-time poet, occasional wearer of double-denim, cynical to the point of detestable, dab hand in the kitchen and secret romantic.

it’s been 7 or 8 months…

so much has changed but today marked a brand new turn. a turn i wasn’t ready for but knew was coming. 

and right now i feel so low, lower than i’ve felt in the past 2-3 years and it’s a struggle to remind myself that it can get better and things will be good again. 

i just don’t care for very much right now and i don’t really want to talk to anyone - i don’t want to be sad or upset but at the same time the thought of being happy is a long long way away. 

falling out of love is an experience. not a good one, perhaps not necessarily a bad one either given circumstance but an experience nonetheless. 

things end. it’s hard to accept but things end for a number of different reasons. 

this isn’t some shit fucking rom-com where the two individuals involved fall back in each others arms 30 mins later in the film. this feeling that i can’t shake right now is unbelievably horrible. 

2 years ago i would have tried the easy option and i hate admitting that but i know i would have. tomorrow i’ll wake up at 3.30am and head off to work and i’ll try leave all of my problems at the door and crack on. 

love isn’t a feeling. it’s an ability. 

i do however wish what i feel right now was an ability. 

"can’t we just get along cause i’ve got the jist of holding on to you" 

decided that this would be the appropriate time of my life/night to draw on myself with permanent marker and get some ink baby.
hard or saft, hashtag daft 

i wish i could walk about naked all the time.

so underrated. 

ladies and gentleman there are 2 types of people in this world: good guys and bad guys.

and make no mistake about it. i am one of the bad guys. 

porn shmorn, jessie andrews is a babe.
i wouldn’t say no…

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